Happy birthday.


I met her when she was 17. She was a free spirit. Lived one day at a time, never planned for tomorrow, loved unconditionally. For a regimented fool like me, she was a breath of fresh air, as though someone unlocked the dark dungeons of my heart, cleared the cobwebs and let sunlight stream in.

Fifteen years, marriage, two kids and innumerable ups and downs later, we still remain that intensely volatile couple, with emotions always at the surface. We love passionately and fight bitterly. So much has changed and yet, nothing has.

I can’t believe you’re 32, the mother of our two lovely children. I still see you as that girl in cotton world tees, faded denim, sneakers and that ridiculously heavy backpack filled with books and food, running to catch your bus back home. And as you made it on the bus, you’d fight your way to a window (injuring a few fellow passengers with that bag of yours), with a big grin on your face and wave to me.

Happy birthday Riddhi. You’ll always be 17 to me.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday.”

  1. Dear Chikie- Sigh! How romantic is that!! I am sure Riddhi is over the moon and that you truly enjoyed her birthday! I have been reading all your posts and I must admit- it is something I look forward to..:-) Sorry, I hardly ever write back telling you how wonderful it is to read your blogs- but I am a big fan of your writing, do keep me posted always and a tight hug to Riddhi, you and your lovely kids. Have been planing a trip to Navsari- will make sure it happens sooner than later in this new year! XO, Kuku.

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