Conversations with my sister…


3rd dec ’08

An excerpt from a conversation I had with my little sister at lunch today :-

Me : What does ‘am’ and ‘pm’ stand for?
Manu : am=after mignight and pm=post morning.

Me : What about BC/AD?
Manu : BC=Before Christ and AD= After death (by now, i’m frustrated)

Me : Who is the new home minister?
Manu : Atal behari vajpayee?…. no no no …. that deshmukh guy…

Me : Who is the head of Al-Qaeda?
Manu : Obama… no no no … Osaka…. no no no … something like that….

Me : Who is RR Patil?
Manu : is he some constable who died?

Me : Who created facebook?
Manu : Bill Gates?

Me : What should Manmohan Singh tell the Pak PM/President?
Manu : He should tell them ” ‘s not fair”… and ignore their calls then…

Me : What is the capital of Pakistan?
Manu : this one i know…. Karachi … no… Lahore….

Me : Which country did the Bali bomb blasts occur in?
Manu : …. not sure…. China?

Me : Chinchpokhli is the capital of which country?
Manu : Bhutan? My GK has improved na…

05 dec ’08

another excerpt from a tiring lunch with my sister today:-

Me : Do you know who the new CM of Maharashtra is?
Manu : yeah… some Chauhan guy….
Harsh : Dude, it’s not Chauhan… it’s Chavan… like in chavanprash…
Me : but, what’s his first name?
Manu : ~giggling~…. Dabur??

Me : Raj Thakeray is the head of which party?
Manu : Shiv Sena
Me : and Uddhav?
Manu : BJP?… i dont know yaar… but not congress…
Me : how’re they related to bal thakeray?
Manu : they are his sons…
Me : you’re so dumb… how can you not know this…..
Manu : grandsons????

Me : Who is condeleeza rice?
Manu : …. you’re just making up names now… please dont put this on facebook!
Me : Pranab Mukherjee?
Manu : with an annoying laugh… rani mukherjee’s dad?…

by this time, i’ve lost my appetite, so i get up and leave. let’s see what future meals behold…

06 dec ’08

… and now both siblings are hell bent on dragging the good family name through dirt…

Me : Manu, obviously politics is not your forte…
Manu : you realized now?
Me : fair enough… what is amitabh bachchan’s daughter’s name?
Manu : i’m not good with names. can i tell you his daughter-in-law’s name?
Me : ok, what are dharmendra’s sons’ names?
Manu : i told you, i’m not good with names…
Harsh : dude, who cares about dharmendra…

Me : where is khalistan?
Manu : dude, i dont know much geography…
Harsh : in the middle east! (with an arrogant and overconfident tone)

Me : Who discovered fire? (this question was just to mess around with them)
Manu : GOD
Harsh : hahahahaha
Manu : i think the guys in the stone age… they rubbed those stones together and got fire.
Harsh : i think it was the mesopotamian civilization (in all sincerity)

Me : Why is the arabian sea called so?
Manu : because of the arabs?
Harsh : because it starts in saudi arabia

Me : baghdad is the capital of which country? (this question was answered with buzzer round quickness)
Harsh : Iraq
Manu : Dubai!!

Me : the taj group is owned by ?
Harsh and Manu : Ratan Tata
Me: and the oberoi?
Manu : Birla?
Harsh : some oberoi guy…

Me : who is Robert De Niro?
Manu : Robert the who?
Harsh : it’s a character like how james bond is a character…

Me : well done. can someone please pass me the poison.